The Keys to Getting Your Content Noticed.

The Art of Getting Noticed

The Keys to Getting Your Content Noticed.

There is a staggering number of articles being published on the internet.

And with so much content being published, how do you make sure that yours gets seen? And not just seen, but commented on and shared?


Many people focus on the tactics of getting content spread.

They ask for sharing directly in their posts,  they solicit their networking buddies, and do lots of things to push their message. This method used to work very well.


Not anymore.  It is not business as usual!


Developing an atmosphere of sharing is important

By enlisting and asking for the help from your group—but it’s not enough. You have to create content that is based on pull.

In other words, when you create content that your audience is demanding, you start playing a different game.


Things to consider for getting noticed


Everything you create must be given attention. There’s no other choice.


Relevant and important, but can be set aside to be looked at later (and potentially forgotten).


Your content is useful, and relevant, but it’s not important enough to take priority.

Mildly interesting

Seems interesting, but there’s too much incoming to pay any attention.


Considered spam or is completely irrelevant. Might as well be invisible.

The Keys to Getting Noticed.

So if only content  with pull is acceptable, how do we get there? How do we get all of our content bookmarked, dogeared or highlighted?


The first step is simple: stop

Stop creating content for the sake of creating content. That will only lead to mediocrity.

Instead, create because you are passionate and can’t hold your message back.


Step two: keep your ear to the ground

What are your audience’s biggest questions? What patterns do you notice in terms of their biggest challenges? What are they thinking about when they lay their head down on their pillow?

In other words, What’s keeping them up at night?  What are they passionate about?


Write about that.


And pay attention to what’s underneath their desire.

Sometimes they won’t admit it. Sometimes you have to probe deeper, and use your intuition. However, it’s also important to…


Create feedback 

When someone signs up to your email list, do you ask them what their biggest goal is related to your topic? Do you ask them what their biggest challenge or frustration is?


If not, you should do that right now.

You’re missing out on some very valuable information.


You can also ask new Twitter followers and Facebook fans the same question.

You can put a question form in your sidebar or on your contact page on your blog.


The key is to gather the info and review it.

Once a week you can assemble the data and write your content from these new insights.


Be the One to Break Old Patterns

Listening isn’t enough.

Creating from a place of inspiration is good, but it’s merely a requirement to not fail.

Your content needs to make people stop, and pay attention.


There are two ways to do that:

First, do what no one else is willing to do.

 This might include creating a definitive guide, going above and beyond to create a comprehensive resource kit, or by over-delivering on value in a very big way.

Secondly, do what hasn’t been done before

Every marketing technique that used to be extremely effective eventually becomes out dated.  If you want to stand out you must be on the cutting edge, not simply riding the next wave. Doing this involves risk, but it also is an uncharted territory ripe with opportunity.

When you take a risk you have to be willing to take a giant leap off the cliff.  That is not a popular place to be.

If you want to create content that will get noticed, you must dare to do what hasn’t been done.


Create because you can’t not create. Keep your ear to the ground. Walk the cutting edge.


What do you think is the biggest key to creating content that will get noticed?