Social Media Explained by Infograph!



Are you confused over all the different social media sites?

This infograph shows you, in simple terms, the functions of various social media platforms using coffee analogies:


  • Facebook- It’s all about your likes and interests
  • Twitter-Tweeting about #what you are doing and thinking
  • LinkedIn-A professional site listing your business skills.
  • YouTube-Watch videos
  • My Space-All about me!
  • Pintrest-A gallery of pictures under various topics
  • Quora-Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • Meetup-A place to meet people with similar likes/interests
  • Digg-Site of popular articles
  • Google+-Google on steriods.
  • Foursquare-I am here! 
  • Instagram-Gallery of my pics for sharing

I had to look up the more obscure logos. Click Here for a large list identifying most of the social media icons:

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