4 Life and Death Marketing Lessons: How to Stand Out in a Very Competitive World


Let’s face it, competition is tough. Really tough. With the Internet changing the way we do business you no longer have a couple of competitors – you have hundreds or even thousands. But here’s what a on-the-ball guy did to position himself to make a BIG sale… and it has nothing to do with fancy…

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Create An Effective Funnel with IMTECH VIDEOS by Jared Elvidge


    Jared has the gift of making everything techy easy and simplified, even for those who are not savvy technically, like me! He is my coach and he leads me through all the phases of building a business funnel all the time. He is truly a fantastic trainer and coach.  He cuts through all…

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Facebook Meta Tag Plugin for Changing Image on Post


1)Upload the plugin Facebook Meta Tags-This plugin adds appropriate meta tags for facebook share. No Setting required.    2) To change the feature image-upload the image you want to the media library-add to feature image.   3)Copy url and go to your FB page and paste into post.   4)Copy url and go to–> http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug…

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Peak Performance Productivity Tip of the Day by Kerwin Rae


Peak Performance Productivity Tip of the Day by Kerwin Rae Click here to watch Video–#1 Touch it Once Length 3:31 mins.     Here is the “How to” video showing you how to delete in one click all the older emails in your gmail inbox:  Click here to watch this 2:25 min video–>How to delete all…

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New Launch for Facebook Superskills


Here is the link to the new launch for FBSuperskills–>

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Video of Zuckerberg telling about Facebook “Graph Search”


Here is a 3:19 min. video of Mark Zuckerberg explaining the new pillar of Facebook “Graph Search”! Click here to learn more and join the waiting list–>

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Easy Video Player Launching New Easy Video Suite


Click on the image to watch the 4:21 min. video–>

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Google+ Cheat Sheet


Click on image for enlarged view of Google+ Cheat Sheet–>

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Google+Overview for Beginners


There seems to be a new surge of interest in Google+. I will be posting videos that will help you get started. Google+ Overview for Beginners-Pt. 1 Google+ Overview for Beginners-Pt. 2 Click on continue reading to watch the videos–>

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Marketing Mayhem – How to Create a Product in One Day


The webinar with Josh Anderson. Link to replay–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19kBI-EvOQE Length-1:25 –>Watch this amazing webinar to see how almost all the viewers committed to creating a product to sell in one day (maybe a couple of days):-) Link for replay of Marketing Mayhem, Wed., August 29th at 7:45pm set (us) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pffNXMrwsN4 Length 1:18

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