Facebook Event Features Made Easier!!


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Create Event Dialog:

  • Less fields are required to create an event: name, date, and privacy
  • ¬†Details, location, and time fields are optional. If you aren’t sure where to go at the time, anyone who joins the event can set its location later on.


More Advanced Wall:

  • The wall is now for those going to the event. It shows you when someone joins the event. Posts and photos are now sorted by activity (so posts get bumped to the top when you comment). You can now follow individual posts and ask questions. You can easily turn off notifications for an event. It should feel similar to Groups.



  • When you invite someone, we’ll notify you if they join.



  • When someone declines an invite, only the people who invited them will get notified. If they say why they can’t make it, it’ll be filtered out of the wall, available via the “View Declines” link at the top.