Twitter infograph: What do you think of the latest sizing!?!


Click Here to view the latest sizing of info-graphs!  

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People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It!


Here is a TED video by Simon Sinek telling about his discovery of why some people are successful and some aren’t. He gives his secret: hint (a golden circle)! Length–> 18:05 mins.

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Video –> Derek Halpern critiques Amy Porterfield’s website.


This video is 27:49 mins. long. I know! You don’t have time to watch a video longer than 10 mins. However, you will waste your time trying to get traffic to your blog if you don’t watch this video. Derek Halpern actually critiques Amy Porterfield’s website. Check out his golden tips and strategies. He gives…

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9 Subconscious and Conscious Tips That Make Visitors Convert


  1. Solutions provider.  Give them free expertise.   2. Obligation.  Follow-up with anyone in your newsfeed that has liked your page.  They have already committed publicly to you.   3. Social Influence. Showcase any personal references, likes your tweets.   4. Personalization. This is the most important.  It is imperative that you see them…

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The Power of Focus: The Internet Marketing Mountain

The Mountain

The Internet Marketing Mountain     “How to Make it To The Top!”               by Jared Elvidge           The Internet Marketing Success Mountain           All 3 ways lead to the top! Make sure you follow only ONE WAY. If you change…

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Free Facebook Timeline Templates


Click on image and click again–> to get 20+ Free Facebook Timeline Templates–>

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How do I remove a photo that I added on Facebook?


How do I remove a photo that I added on Facebook? To remove a photo from Facebook: Go to the photo and select the Options menu from menu bar beneath the photo. Click Delete This Photo. Note: You won’t be able to delete a photo if you didn’t upload it. To prevent a photo from…

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“What are the “Rules” for the new Facebook Timeline Cover?”


Everyone is asking–“What are the Rules for the new Facebook Timeline Cover”? I just posted on my facebook page a great visual cheat sheet.  Check it out here–> Click on continue reading for clickable link! Also here is a slide from my timeline video series (see sidebar for banner to sign up) Click on…

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Timeline Cover Training Videos


Double Click on image to get your Free Timeline Cover Training Videos–>

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Facebook Fanpage Simplified Video Course


A Necessity-Facebook FanPage  The deadline for converting your pages is March 30th. Don’t get left behind in the dust. Here is the most exemplar video course I have seen.   Sign up today and get another free webinar with an expert in social media.              –>Check it out!  Here is the…

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