9 Subconscious and Conscious Tips That Make Visitors Convert



1. Solutions provider.  Give them free expertise.


2. Obligation.  Follow-up with anyone in your newsfeed that has liked your page.  They have already committed publicly to you.


3. Social Influence. Showcase any personal references, likes your tweets.


4. Personalization. This is the most important.  It is imperative that you see them as a person you want to connect with.  Stay social!


5.Authority.  It is a good strategy to have favorable reviews from an expert in your field.


6. Limited time offers.  It is always good to put a beginning and end to your offers.  This triggers a call to action in the subconscious mind.


7. Smart Pricing.  Have a least 3 different levels for customers to choose from.  Everyone likes a choice.


8. Timing.  Present upsell options after the customer has opted to buy to prevent confusion and overwhelm that will drive them away.


9. Color Theory.  Just changing the color of your ‘Buy Now’ button can produce a higher conversion rate. See example below: