4 Life and Death Marketing Lessons: How to Stand Out in a Very Competitive World


Let’s face it, competition is tough. Really tough.

With the Internet changing the way we do business you no longer have a couple of competitors – you have hundreds or even thousands.

But here’s what a on-the-ball guy did to position himself to make a BIG sale… and it has nothing to do with fancy software,  the latest getting traffic in 5 steps, or email automation.  It’s just good old-fashioned positioning and marketing the way our grandparents conducted their business ventures.

Our Privacy Fence

Our family decided it was time to put up a privacy fence. Of course, as a smart consumer, you have to get multiple bids – so we put out the word to various sources and waited.

Within a few hours there was ONE that quickly became the obvious choice.  Let me explain why (and the marketing lessons you can take).

#1. EASY: We are hiring someone to build our fence because we don’t want to attempt it ourselves.  We have zero desire and time to do any of that stuff.

He said he would be out (which was a holiday weekend) and take all the measurements. Ok – so far easy does it! He came a few hours later and measured the perimeter with a rolling tape. It only took him about 15 mins.

But here was the surprising part – the other competitors asked ME to go outside and do all the measurements. Then, they would give me a quote without even talking to me or seeing the job.

Wow! There are 2 things that stuck out. The first is they are not willing to get in their car to meet someone for a job. And second, they want me to do their job.

Marketing lesson #1 – make it EASY for people to work with you.  Show them you want to engage with them!

If it’s a product, don’t make me download special software to view your videos. Don’t ask me to create 5 usernames. Don’t tell me it’s for a PC only. Make it easy.

#2. FOCUSED: This guy just does fences.  In fact, his business is a family business. Every other person said they do “all types of construction, contracting, etc.”.

So if that’s his only business – he must be good at it.

Marketing lesson #2 – be niched/focused.  Dominate and be an expert in that one market. Sure, this guy could probably do other “handyman” services – but by being THE fence guy, he is scooping up that piece of the market. And they are not cheap jobs either. Let the other guys sheetrock the walls,  he will gladly “fence in” the fence market. (pun intended)

#3. THE GUARANTEE: He was also the ONLY person who said his work is guaranteed. And guaranteed for up to 2 years.

Marketing lesson #3 – you should always guarantee your work and offer a no questions asked refund. if not satisfied. Don’t ever question refunds (even if they are wrong) and offer quality follow-up customer service.

#4. SOCIAL PROOF: Here was the icing on the cake. He was highly recommended by others who had hired him to build their fences.  They told how he brings his family and they get to work with such an amazing system.  Everyone has their own task to do and they look like a hive of busy bees.  People said they were so fascinated they just stood their and watched.  In a matter of a couple of hours they had the fence up.

You can bet it made us feel better about working with him.

Marketing lesson #4 – create a social media presence. And get  lots of testimonials and case studies online. It’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

I love sharing stories like these.

If he can position himself as the clear winner using the old fashioned way of “Word-of-Mouth” – imagine what YOU can do? He found a clear want/need – and he filled it. It’s as simple as that.

It’s not about tricks and gimmicks – it’s about building TRUST and CREDIBILITY with your potential customer. Nothing else matters.

Kudos to this guy – that’s the way you handle your business.

By the way we hired him even though his bid was a little higher!





P.S. This story is the reason why I love this country so much. There is virtually unlimited opportunity for people who hustle and go after their dreams.

Just take a few seconds and share your story/dreams with us!  Really…..I want to know your story–everyone has a story to tell–>